New hybrid golf clubs – Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Titleist, Nickent, Tour Edge

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Safety Factor Six new hybrids help you get out of trouble—and attack more pins Callaway Big Bertha Diablo $139, steel; $159, graphite It's for: All skill levels • The wood-like head has a low, deep center of gravity. • Rails limit ground interference for consistent impact in different lies. • Omnipresent "S2H2" design takes weight from the hosel and distributes it throughout the head. • Dual runners lower the club's leading edge to help you get under the ball. Buy and Compare This Club Now
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Cleveland Launcher $139, steel, $149, graphite It's for: All skill levels • Launcher offers max forgiveness in a conventional head shape. • The parabolic leading edge aids turf interaction. • The horseshoe-shaped weight along the perimeter contributes to the firm's highest MOI in a hybrid. • Shaft-fitting system consists of Fujikura Fit-On Red (tour trajectory) or Fit-On Gold (standard ball flight) to suit your needs. Buy and Compare This Club Now
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Cobra Baffler TWS $149, graphite
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Nickent 5DX Ironwood $199, graphite It's for: All skill levels • Rear "wings" with tungsten-polymer inserts move mass to the perimeter. The result is Nickent's highest-MOI hybrid (3,130 g. x cm2). • The "A-frame" face (thicker in the middle, thinner at the edges) increases ball speed high on the face. Plus, lofts are strengthened by 1.5 degrees per club. • The all-stainless steel head has a deeper face than 4DX but a similar launch profile. • The sole screw (2, 4, 6 or 8 grams) can be removed by Nickent for swingweight adjustment. Buy and Compare This Club Now
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Titleist 909H $179, graphite It's for: Better players (0-9 handicap), playable to 15. • Carpenter steel face and cast stainless steel body increase ball speed and liven feel. • Varying the head shape, size, amount of offset and CG location from loft to loft creates specific trajectories and degrees of workability. • Stronger lofts are designed to launch like fairway woods; weaker lofts launch higher than irons. • Choose from the Titleist Aldila Voodoo shaft (low to mid launch, lower spin) or Titleist Diamana Blue 80 (high launch, moderate spin). Buy and Compare This Club now.
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Tour Edge Exotics XCG-V $249, graphite It's for: All handicap levels • The titanium crown, face and front half of the sole are bonded to a V-shaped, high-density steel in the rear of the sole. • Using a titanium hosel rather than steel (as in XCG) frees up 30 grams that's placed in the sole. This contributes to lower spin rates and hotter launch. • Sixty percent of the head's total weight is in the back half of the sole (the lighter-colored, V-shaped area). • The large titanium cup face (25 percent bigger than the XCG hybrid) shifts added weight low and to the heel and toe. More Equipment: Equipment Finder: Hybrids Irons for mid- and high-handicap players Special Section: 2009 Golf Ball Guide The Shop Equipment Blog