The right golf grips for your game

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Power Cords Clubheads and shafts get all the glory. But the right grip can help you get a handle on your game. Grips are a lot like mattresses: They tend to vary in size, feel and firmness, and if they're not just right, you probably won't sleep well at night. Especially if they compromise your game. "The grip represents the point at which power is transferred from the golfer to the club," explains Dan Koehler, global marketing manager at Golf Pride, a grip manufacturer. "So if the feel or size isn't right, or if the grip has experienced significant wear, you'll have less confidence in your swing." That in mind, here are six new high-performance grips that'll help you rip it. — Josh Sanburn Winn PCi $12/each The hook: A cord underlayer yields control and durability. Feels like: A stitched leather bag. Stiff with minimal give.
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Lamkin Crossline Tour 580 $2.61/each The hook: Firm and textured, this grip has more Tour wins than any other Lamkin model. Feels like: A dry riverbed. Slightly bumpy and riveted.
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Winn PCi Hybrid $12/each The hook: A no-slip polymer in the thumb area. Feels like: The soles on a new pair of shoes. Firm but with ample tackiness.
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Golf Pride New Decade $8.50/each The hook: Cord in the upper-hand area for control, rubbery in the lower hand for feel and responsiveness. Feels like: A half-peeled banana. Half firm, half soft.
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Lamkin Michelin OCS Tour $3.26/each The hook: An optimized "cell system" provides enhanced traction. Feels like: A new tire, of course. Sturdy with deep tread.
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Golf Pride DD2 $6.50/each The hook: A soft, textured exterior teams with a firm core for stability. Feels like: A suede wallet. Soft and supple.