Most Beautiful Women in Golf: Liz Estes

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Liz Estes has been married to four-time PGA Tour winner Bob Estes for five years.
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"Bob and I met in downtown Austin at a bar. I had just moved back from L.A. and had gone to this bar to get a job. It was a piano bar and I was thinking I could bartend and sing sometimes. I saw Bob walk through the door and thought, 'That guy is cute.' I heard him ask someone who I was, so I turned around and said, ‘Hey, I’m Liz. Here’s my number!’
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"The first year I was out [on Tour] with Bob, it was awesome. It was so much fun. I loved seeing the golf courses. It’s beautiful. I like watching Bob play, but I’m a little impatient watching the other people play. I’m like, ‘Come on, let’s go!’
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"The first tournament I attended, Bob didn’t really coach me in any way or tell me what to expect. Thank God our caddie’s wife was there, because she told me where we could walk and what we were supposed to do. I was eating chips, and I realized, 'This is really loud. I can’t eat chips!
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Liz Estes spearheaded an effort to create a reality television show about PGA Tour spouses called 'Tour Wives.' It is scheduled to air on the Back9Network in 2014.
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From the trailer, it looks as if Estes, Amy Sabbatini, Amy Campbell and Suzanne Haney will star in the series. "We're the bad girls, I don't know what else to say," said Estes in an interview with in 2011.
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Estes is also an aspiring pop musician, and under the stage name Liz Primo, she has been promoting her brand of electronic dance music for the last two years.
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"I have a new single coming out, which will be released in Europe first. I changed the way I sing a little bit, vocally, the tone, and it’s really, I think, separating me, because there’s no vocal like that in the dance world, and EDM [electronic dance music] is what I really love."
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"Bob is very supportive. He always says that he gets to live his dream every day, and he wants me to live mine."
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Estes made the dress for this shoot herself -- out of candy.
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Estes said she found it difficult to break into the Tour social scene. "During my first year I hid in my car because I was so horrified of walking into the clubhouse and player dining. Everyone was so cliquey."
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"Family dining really intimidates people. I have no idea why. It intimidated me. I can’t explain it. You feel like a kid walking into the cafeteria and you have no friends to sit with. I’ve talked to so many other wives and it’s the same story."
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"The girls who like me, like me," Estes told in 2011. "And the ones who don't, don't. I really don't care about negative comments."
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"I think it’s good for Bob that I’m not so invested [in his game] like some of the other wives, because once we get off the course, I’m not upset with him. I watch the scoreboard, but I don’t let it affect me in any way. I usually stay emotionless to his game, and I think that that helps me, because at the end, I’m still smiling."