Most Beautiful Women in Golf: Kirsten Norman

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"Life with Greg is difficult to describe, it’s so varied," said Kirsten, who has been married to The Shark since 2010. "Some days he’s in the office, some days he’s traveling, some days he’s working at home, some days he’s playing golf, so our daily/weekly routine is very diverse. If Greg isn’t traveling, weekends are normally spent quietly at home, playing tennis and entertaining friends, playing with the kids and hanging around the pool. Or taking the boat out and scuba diving or fishing or spending time with Greg’s kids. Very low-key."
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Kirsten and Greg were married on Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. Greg's son, Gregory Jr., was his best man.
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Kirsten is an interior designer, so she took over the management of Greg's clothing line. Norman's company, Great White Shark Enterprises, has ventures in several industries, including course design, apparel, wine, sports marketing and real estate.
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"I take a particular interest in his brand integrity, so I help him safeguard that, and I’m involved in the design process and the marketing strategy."
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"The best thing about being married to Greg, without sounding corny, is that he’s a very, very good husband. He’s respectful, thoughtful, romantic, caring, and he’s an extremely good parent and mentor to my children, and he’s funny and fun. I enjoy every day with him. Life is just easy and effortless with him."
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Former President (and avid golfer) Bill Clinton and the Normans.
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Kirsten (formerly) Kutner was raised in Sydney, Australia and has two children, Kaya and Kelly, from a previous relationship.
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"Although I have the world’s best in-house coach available 24 hours a day, I don’t play any golf unfortunately. It’s on my list of things to do. Hopefully when Greg and I have the time, we’ll get to it some day. At the moment, if we’re playing a sport together, it’s tennis."
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Greg was captain of the International squad at the 2011 Presidents Cupm held at the Royal Melbourne Club in the couple's home country of Australia. The United States won by a score of 19 to 15.
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Ashley Widemann, Kirsten Norman, and Sonya Toms watch the action at the 2011 Presidents Cup.
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