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"I fell in love with golf immediately, because it’s the hardest thing in the world to do. And I love challenges."
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"I like to look really feminine [on the golf course]. I know golf is a sport and it's athletic, but I'm a woman, so I look to dress very girly. I like high waists and incorporating what's going on in fashion and bringing it to the golf course."
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For men, I love a flat-front pant. I know pleats are still around but I think everyone should burn them (laughs). I like simplicity for guys, I don’t like a lot of patterns, just very neutral and very clean.
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I’m going to Columbia Business School and I’m really enjoying it. It’s a big challenge. It’s so different from what I did before, but I want to learn. I love business, I love learning about businesses and companies. I’m loving all of the entrepreneurship classes, and that’s where I think I’m going to head. Hopefully, create some kind of amazing golf business.
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When I play in pro-ams, I’ll help the members of my group with putts. I'll say, 'guys, you need to aim three cups out.' And they won't trust me for the first few holes. And then I finally say to them, 'I know I don't look like I know what I'm talking about, but I’m actually a professional, trust me!' And they say, 'yeah, you're right, you really do know how to read greens!' People do stereotype you [based on looks.]
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People don’t know that I’m very nerdy. I love to read. I love studying, I love to learn. I’m a very curious person. I don’t think people look at me in pictures and think, wow she’s a real nerd. My closest friends think it’s really funny.
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