Miracle Whips: Tests prove hybrids improve your shots

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Miracle Whips Tests prove that hybrids improve your shots — and your swing We asked Motion Golf (www.motiongolf.com) to compare the performance of a 4-iron against a 4-hybrid in the hands of low-, mid- and high-handicap golfers. Shots were measured by a Trackman launch monitor, and Motion Golf's motion-capture technology provided a detailed look into each golfer's swing. "The results confirmed what we knew," says Motion Golf CEO Joe Luciano. "Each subject hit the ball higher and farther on average with the 4-hybrid than they did with the 4-iron." The test 4-hybrid was only a half-inch longer than a 4-iron, not long enough to justify the significant increase in distance. "Our Motion Golf Imaging System showed that the hybrid allowed the test subjects to maintain a greater cocking angle of attack and generate more hip speed," reports Luciano. "This translates into extra power," says Darren Andersen of Custom Golf of Connecticut. "The weight distribution of a hybrid allows you to more easily cock and uncock your wrists while swinging, which generates clubhead speed. Your body feels this increase in speed and adjusts by moving faster through the ball. You get more distance without swinging harder."
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The unique weight distribution of the hybrid gave the low-handicap test subject 10% more wrist angle on his downswing.
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Each test subject exhibited greater hip speed through impact with the hybrid club. The low-handicap player turned his hips 38% faster.