Five new drivers to help your golf game

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License to drive Five drivers that let you swing with confidence, regardless of your age or ability. Titleist 907 D2 Who it's for: Low and mid-handicappers This high-launch, low-spin driver has a tapered face insert — thinnest at the top, thickest at the bottom. The effect is more flex in the top of the face, for a .2-degree-higher launch angle (that is, slightly more carry) than the 905R. Making the crown and hosel lighter helps to redistribute mass lower and farther back from the face. The result is a lower center of gravity, and 50 to 200 rpm less spin than 905R. $399, steel; $399, graphite;
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Cobra Speed Pro S Who it's for: Low handicappers The Pro S driver is built from the ground up based on feedback from Cobra's PGA Tour staff. Pro S has a traditional appearance at address and neutral weighting (for max playability), plus a relatively shallow face. The club has a lower center of gravity and softer-tipped shaft than the companion Pro D driver, to produce higher-launching, higherspinning shots. All of which makes the Pro S a good fit for skilled players who don't generate high spin rates. $399, graphite;
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Adams Insight BUL Who it's for: Mid- and high-handicappers Today's geometric (aka square) drivers are proving to be stalwarts in terms of boosting forgiveness. One possible rub, though, is that these wonders may produce too much spin and, thus, too high a ball flight. Adams engineers claim its shapely monster, the Insight BUL, controls mis-hits (by moving mass away from its center of gravity) while maintaining strong launch conditions. $299, graphite;
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Nickent 3DX Square Who it's for: All players Nickent's square-shaped entry has 25 grams of discretionary weight in the corners of the head to resist twisting. Other key selling points include an appetizing price (significantly lower than big-name square drivers), plus what Nickent says is a flatter launch, slightly less spin and more piercing ball flight that produces more roll after the carry. $199, graphite;
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Nicklaus Dual Point 460 Who it's for: All players A multi-layered face — thicker in the center, thinner around the perimeter — expands the area that produces top ball speeds. In addition, the Dual Point 460's center of gravity is directly in line with the most flexible part of the face to enhance energy transfer for maximum distance. $299, graphite; Related Links • Free custom driver fitting from Hot Stix • Lesson Finder: Video tips from the Top 100 • Shorten your finish for safer driving • Sweep away your slice • Get more yards from your shoulders