Lanny Wadkins: Items from his Hall of Fame Exhibit

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Lanny Wadkins donated several of his golf clubs to the World Golf Hall of Fame.
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Wadkins kept a check from Ben Hogan with a note that read, "Enclosed is my check for $4.00 for your skins yesterday."
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The PGA Championship trophy from his 1977 victory.
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Mark Cubbedge, left, chief artifact finder for the World Golf Hall of Fame, in Wadkins' golf room.
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Tony Lama cowboy boots Wadkins got as a past champion at the 2003 PGA Championship.
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After Wadkins had to hunt for the key to his medal case, Cubbedge took several photographs.
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A photo of a young Wadkins with Arnold Palmer. Wadkins said of the photo, "We had our matching Seventies belts."