Keeping a Straits Face: Part gargoyle, part Chewbacca, the 2010 PGA logo should be a model for all

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Major championship logos are largely an unimaginative lot. If they don't feature a hulking trophy (the staple for many years of the PGA logo) or a pint-sized golfer (see both the '05 U.S. Open at Pinehurst and the '09 Open at Bethpage Black), they will likely incorporate some sort of vegetation (be it a Torrey Pine, a Lone Cypress, or the acorn made famous by the '03 PGA at Oak Hill). Alas, like a much-needed summer breeze off of Lake Michigan, along comes this year's PGA logo: a wild and wooly gargoyle meant to personify the god of wind. It was the idea of Whistling Straits founder Herb Kohler, and it's a winner, not only for its bold personality and striking resemblance to Teen Wolf, but also for its versatility. With just a few subtle tweaks, the hairy face of the Straits could become the mascot for all future majors. Here are just a few examples. 2010 PGA Championship, Whistling Straits The endless bunkers and topsy-turvy greens make the Straits' Course tough. Old Man Wind makes it treacherous
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When the politically minded members at this D.C. haunt settle a "deal," you can assume it's more than a $5 Nassau.
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San Fran's hippie revolution may have come and gone, but the O.C.'s hometown has retained its mellow vibe. Make love, not bogeys, man.
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Hosting a major is nice, but what Atlanta really needs is a championship. Its major sports franchises have won just one title ('95 Braves).
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If reality TV is a fair barometer, America is hooked on New Jersey. Baltusrol, 30 miles from the Jersey Shore, should ride the wave.
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Yes, even the iconic Masters logo could use a new look. Is the pipe too much?