J.B. Holmes: Swing Sequence

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1. Holmes squats slightly at address, with the clubshaft and his hands lower than they'll be at impact. This isn't an ideal power position, and neither is his takeaway — the club gets too far behind his hands. He'll have to compensate for this unorthodox start later in his swing.
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2. Notice the change in J.B.'s posture. He has straightened his legs and lifted his arms almost straight up. Most instructors would change these positions, but they create width in his swing. He gets even more power by coiling hard against his lower body (see how little his hips have turned).
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3. J.B. hinges his wrists only slightly going back, but look how hinged they are coming down — he's "down-cocked" and added tremendous leverage. This is a good way to hit the ball far (though not necessarily straight). Check out how he squats at the start of his downswing, just like Sam Snead did.
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4. Holmes' downswing squat and wrist hinge make up for his unorthodox address and top positions — he slots the club perfectly and enters the hitting zone with the shaft at a perfect 45-degree angle. Notice the sequence thus far: Legs, hips, and shoulders. The hands are up next.
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5. This is what centrifugal force unleashed looks like. J.B. extends his arms fully, with his shoulders on a much steeper plane than they were at address. His right shoulder is swinging under (not around) and his hips are wide open to the target. A wonderful and powerful impact position.
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6. With J.B.'s clubhead speed, the club finishes where centrifugal force leads it — namely, as far around J.B. as physically possible. While not fundamentally perfect, this is a solid and very efficient swing — simple, for sure, but filled with power and promise.
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Up, Up and Away Look at J.B.'s feet — they're almost off the ground! This gives you an idea of how much force he generates in his swing. Holmes can reach clubhead speeds in excess of 135 mph. While other players are able to match this number, J.B. gets more out of his swing than anyone, consistently launching it 20 yards longer than even the biggest hitters on Tour. His secret: hitting up through the ball at impact. Hands His extended arms create a massive amount of speed that is transferred through his hands to the club. Shaft His shaft angle ascends into the ball, producing a high-launch, low-spin drive for pure power. Hips J.B.'s hips rotate tremendously against his firm left side. See the swings of Tiger Woods, Natalie Gulbis, Greg Norman and more