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In his column in the March 2011 issue of Golf Magazine, David Feherty honored Victor Juhasz, who has created the illustraion's that run with Feherty's column for the past 15 years. The following are a select collection of images spanning those 15 years, chosen by Victor. Enjoy.
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Queasy Ryder: October 1997 Column: This is from David's October 1997 column about his experience as a Ryder Cupper in 1991. Read it.
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Dinner Is Served: December 2000 Column: David talks about how life on the road with the CBS crew revolves around dinner, especially steak. Read it.
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My New Favorite: February 2002 Column: David's list of favorite courses was virtually a taped segment: Royal County Down, Augusta National, the Old Course. Then he played Cypress Point. Read it.
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Fear of Flying: April 2003 Column: David recounts a nightmarish flight home from Mississippi to Dallas that included a harrowing security screening. Read it.
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That Dog Will Hunt: December 2003 Column: David goes on his first quail hunt and discovers that hunting and golf have a lot in common. Read it.
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Get Scrooged: December 2005 Column: A curmudgeonly David discovers the spirit of Christmas after writing a few verses of holiday jeer. Read it.
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Tackle Dummy: October 2006 Column: Emboldened by his success at quail hunting, David is ready to try fly fishing, but first needs to buy equipment. Read it.
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Letter Rip: November 2006 Column: David gives his readers a glimpse at the hate mail in his inbox. Read it.
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The New Rules: March 2008 Column: Frustrated by pro golfers playing slow and ducking blame, David proposes some new rules for the game. Read it.
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And Now for a Few Words...: August 2008 Column: Feherty imagines the next thing in golf ads: two-minute product-placement sitcoms about the Ditherage, Florida's happiest retirement community. Read it.
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Words to Live By: October 2008 Column: David targets the "split infinitives, dangling participles, malapropisms and oral fartage" on sports broadcasts. Read it.
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The Half-Centurion: October 2009 Column: For Golf Magazine's 50th anniversary, David writes about another institution that many thought wouldn't make it to 50: Himself. Read it.
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Communications Breakdown: Nov. 2009 Column: David thanks those who perform the heroic task of packing and unpacking cameras, cables and other equipment each week at tournaments. Read it.