Hybrid Mania!

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HYBRID MANIA! February 2006 Whether you want to hit it higher, lower or straighter, or bend it on command, there's a hybrid for you WE LOVE that you go to such extremes to lower your scores. Some of you would hang upside-down and do Gregorian chants if it guaranteed 10 extra yards. We know for a fact that won't work, however. We also know that these five hybrids offer an easy effective and chant-free way to spruce up your long-iron game.
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Adams Idea a2 WHO IT'S FOR Highly skilled players HOW IT WORKS Idea a2 is an anomaly these days because its center of gravity (CG) is near the face to help shots fly on a more penetrating trajectory than similar clubs. This CG location also makes it easier for you to hit cuts and draws. (The Idea a2 OS, for higher handicappers, features offset and back weighting.) SPECS 16º (1 iWood), 18º (2 iWood), 20º (3 iWood), 23º (4 iWood) lofts with True Temper Dynalite steel or Aldila NV graphite shaft. • $169 (steel), $199 (graphite); 800-622- 0609, adamsgolf.com
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Ben Hogan CFT Ti Hybrid WHO IT'S FOR Any skill level HOW IT WORKS This wood-like hybrid has a shallower face and deeper body than the previous Edge CFT. That may sound like no big deal, but the new shape moves added mass lower and farther from the face. Which means it'll help you to hit higher-arcing balls and do a better job combating your mis-hits. SPECS 17º (1h), 19º (2h), 21º (3h), 24º (4h), 27º (5h) lofts with True Temper Crossfire steel or Aldila NVS Hybrid graphite shaft. # $179 (steel) or $199 (graphite); 866-834- 6532, benhogan.com
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Yonex Cyberstar Utility WHO IT'S FOR Any skill level HOW IT WORKS A 10-gram tungsten back weight combines with a lively maraging steel face to launch shots higher for longer carry, and to make sure your foul balls aren't quite so odoriferous. These utilities also feature a proprietary graphite shaft with nickel/titanium fibers. It's said the shaft produces greater whip, or power, than typical shafts. SPECS 15º (U3), 18º (U5), 21º (U7), 24º (U9) lofts with Yonex UL-Titanium graphite shaft. • $250 (graphite); 800-449-6639, yonex.com
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Nickent 3DX Ironwood DC WHO IT'S FOR Highly skilled players HOW IT WORKS The most-played hybrid on the Nationwide Tour in 2005 was...the 3DX Ironwood! (Cue cheers.) Surprised? Nickent's iron-like 3DX DC (Directional Control) has a deeper face but is narrower from front to back to produce a lower launch angle and less spin. A pair of 20-gram tungsten-polymer plugs concentrated in the back improves your chances on off-center hits. SPECS 14º (1), 15.5º (2+), 17º (2), 18.5º (3+), 20º (3), 21.5º (4+), 23º (4), 24.5º (5+), 26º (5) lofts with Nippon 950 steel or Aldila NV Hybrid 75 graphite shaft. • $179 (steel), $199 (graphite); 888-642- 5368, nickentgolf.com
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MacGregor MACTEC NVG2 Hybrid UtiltyWood WHO IT'S FOR Any skill level HOW IT WORKS The NVG2 has four fixed tungsten weights totaling 23 grams around the perimeter of the sole. The weights improve the club's stability and make takeoff a snap. NVG2 features a "cup face" (picture a cup turned on its side). This means the entire face gets welded to its body rather than an insert being welded to the face. So you'll benefit from extra oomph across more of the face. SPECS 17º (2), 20º (3), 23º (4), 26º (5) lofts with Royal Precision Rifle steel or Fujikura Triple Action graphite shaft. • $159 (steel) or $179 (graphite); 800-841-4358, macgregorgolf.com