Hunter Mahan’s Five Moves to Make Your Swing Great

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Rotate in place to turn your fat shots into flush hits."When I turn, I focus on keeping the center of my chest directly over the ball all the way to the top of my backswing ... Turning while keeping your chest in place not only eliminates swaying and the likelihood of fat contact, it improves the quality of your rotation, because if you sway you can't turn. Ditch the sway and your backswing becomes 100 percent rotation."
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The power-packing move will also fix your slice."Most amateurs drain power instead of building it by starting their backswings with their arms. I like to feel as through my arms and hands are simply coming along for the ride as I wind up with my upper body and hips. Here's a foolproof way to get your swing off to a good start: From address, pull your right hip behind and turn your left shoulder to the left of your left foot. If you do it in tandem, it should feel as though your chest is rotating in place."
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This plane-finding move gives you the freedom to swing fast."Once you're at the top of your backswing, start back down by leaning your entire body toward the target. Leaning automatically gets your weight going forward like it should, and it keeps your club from falling off plane, which can't happen if you're looking to compress the ball for max yards and spin.I practice it by swinging to the top, pausing, then shifting to the left until my chest and belt buckle are slightly ahead of the ball. It should feel like you're really leaning into the shot, like you would if you were throwing a punch or un-jamming a stuck door with your left shoulder."
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Add accuracy — and look cool doing it."After you strike the ball, let everything in your body go soft. You should go from swinging your arms as fast as you can through impact to immediately feeling like only momentum is pulling them into your finish.If your swing energy is 100 percent capacity at impact, you want to get it to zero by the time your hands reach shoulder height in your follow-through. Finishing soft like this allows you to maintain better balance and control."
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It's the only way to create the speed your swing needs."Swinging the club faster only happens when you swing your arms faster. The trick is doing it at the right moment.Once you've leaned into the shot like in No. 3, go after the ball as hard as you can with your arms and hands. This has been my No. 1 swing key for many years — once I perfected it, I started blowing my irons and woods past players twice my size. Just make sure you don't fire your arms before leaning toward the target or you'll risk swinging off plane."