How to Turn 15-Footers Into Easy Makes

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How to Turn 15-Footers Into Easy Makes If your read is right, you'll drain it every time with this simple alignment method By Tom F. Stickney II Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You miss a lot of putts with what you think is a solid stroke • You don't have a reliable pre-putt routine The Problem You rarely three-putt, but can't seem to make anything longer than 15 feet, either. Why It's Happening If you're leaving your long putts in tap-in range, then it's your aim that's off when you putt from mid-range. If your putterface points just one degree left or right of your intended target on a 15-footer, you'll miss the hole by 3 inches. Get Straight From the Start The best alignment routine I've seen to date comes from Dr. Lanny Johnson and PGA Tour professional Howard Twitty. Testing with the SAM PuttLab shows that golfers learn to aim dead straight after only three attempts with this method. STEP 1 Stand behind the ball and determine your line while holding the putter in your dominant hand. Make sure you're directly behind the ball and not to the side.
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STEP 2 Walk to the ball, still holding the putter in your dominant hand and keeping your eyes focused on your intended line. Set your putter behind the ball and point the face at your target.
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STEP 3 Keeping your eyes on your line the entire time, take your stance and place your other hand on the grip.
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STEP 4 Once you're settled, turn your eyes down to the ball. Look at the hole once to identify the distance and then pull the trigger. Don't re-aim the putter again — you've already set the alignment you need from behind the ball.