How to Throw Out Your Slice

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How to Throw Out Your Slice By David Phillips Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You usually slice or pull your tee shots • You don't know when your backswing ends and your downswing begins • You lack power The Fault You figure that if you turn your upper body and your lower body in unison during your downswing, you'll be in a solid position at impact. What you get instead are weak slices and pulls. The Fix Think of your downswing as a chain of events, not a unified motion. Move your lower body first and then your upper body, with your arms and clubhead bringing up the rear. This may sound a little complicated, but you've done it every time you've thrown a baseball, leading with your front leg and finishing up with your arm. Try the following drill to learn how to do it consistently in your swing.
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STEP 1 Tee up a ball and use your 9-iron for this drill. Place your feet together with the ball in the middle of your stance and the club about two feet in front of the ball.
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STEP 2 As you take the club away, lift your left leg. When your left arm is parallel with the ground, step toward the target. This is how you create torque (which means power) in your swing.
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STEP 3 As you plant your left heel, feel how your back tilts away from the target. This is a powerful position — your upper body is still back as your lower body is shifting forward.
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STEP 4 The correct sequence of motion has created a dynamic impact position with the shaft leaning forward. Try this drill a few times and you'll be shocked at how much farther you hit it.