How to Super-Size Your Flop

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How to Super-Size Your Flop Cup your left wrist to loft the ball high and stop it in its tracks By Mike Davis Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You don't have a shot that flies high and stops fast. • Every time you try to hit a high lobber you end up skulling the ball. The Situation You've short-sided yourself and need to carry a bunker or water hazard without much room to land the ball. This isn't the time for your run-of-the-mill lob. Follow the steps on this page to get extra height and stopping power to flop this ball tight. STEP 1 Grab your lob wedge and set up with the ball positioned between the center of your stance and your left foot, and tilt the shaft away from the target. This aggressive shaft lean adds loft to your club without requiring you to open the face, which reduces the hitting area on the clubface and makes for a more difficult shot.
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STEP 2 Although this is a short shot, don't treat it like a chip. In fact, your swing should feel long and smooth — like the one you'd use out of a bunker. It's very important to keep the handle behind the ball at impact. This allows the sole of your club to skip underneath the ball. Follow through to about a three-quarter finish.