How To Stop Missing Par-3 Greens

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How To Stop Missing Par-3 Greens Follow this step-by-step guide to take perfect aim every time By Scott Munroe Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... 1. You take your stance before you set the clubface. 2. You don't have a way to check your alignment on the course. THE PROBLEM You stand behind the ball on the tee box of a par 3 and pick your target, then take your stance just like you're supposed to. So why does the ball land right of your target, and sometimes miss the green completely? THE SOLUTION When you take your stance, you tend to align your body to the target. But since your body sits to the left of your ball-to-target line, aiming your body at the target means you're aiming your clubface to the right. Follow the steps at right to stop wasting strokes due to poor alignment. 1. Stand behind the ball and select a target on the green (where you want the ball to land). Draw a line from your target back through the ball.
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2. Take a sizable — yet comfortable — sidestep to your left and pick a new target, parallel to your original target line, and walk down your new line.
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3. With your eyes on your original target, step forward and place your right foot on your second target line and point the clubface down the first.
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4. Now set your left foot — your eyes should still be on the original target. Your body is now aligned parallel to your clubface — you won't miss this shot right.