How to Stop Flubbing Chips

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How to Stop Flubbing Chips Make a 'y' in your finish to hit crisp chips By Chuck Winstead Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You never make crisp contact when you chip... • ...and you catch these shots fat more often than you'll admit. Check This! When you take your normal chipping stance with your feet close together and the ball played just back of center, notice how your shaft leans toward the target, forming a lower-case "y" with your forearms. How to Strike Crisp Chips Make sure the "y" exists in your address position, but don't think about keeping it intact at impact. Your goal is to make your impact position as smooth and natural as possible, without having to think about it. Instead, make sure the "y" is intact when you swing the club back (i.e., don't lose the hinge in your wrists in your takeaway) and that it's still there when you finish your swing (i.e., don't lose the hinge going forward). If you can manage to make a "y" between your forearms and clubshaft before and after impact, you'll guarantee that it will be there when you strike the ball. If you have difficulty, try chipping with "dead arms," and moving your wedge back and through more with your body turn.
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Set the "y" made by your your forearms and shaft...
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...keep it intact when you make your backswing...
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...and make sure that it's there in your finish. This ensures that it's there at impact so you can catch the ball crisp.