How To Stop Fat & Thin Shots

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How To Stop Fat & Thin Shots Turn your hips in a tight circle to improve contact and consistency By Brian Mogg Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You didn't strike your irons crisply during the round you just finished... • You're not sure what a proper hip turn feels like. Try This! Find a hula hoop (or coil a garden hose), drop it on your back lawn and address an imaginary ball with your feet inside the hoop. Make a few swings. What You're Looking At Your hip rotation. Swinging inside the hoop reminds you to make a full — yet tight — hip turn both back and through, and to fight the urge to sway away from the ball on your backswing or slide toward the target on your downswing. When you turn your hips while keeping them inside the hoop, you lessen the chance of catching it fat or thin. If you tend to hit your irons fat... Focus on your backswing hip turn. Try to keep your right hip inside the right side of the hoop. If it strays outside, you've moved too far off the ball. When you turn your right hip correctly, you should feel your weight work into your right foot, and your upper body should be "stacked" above your right knee.
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If you tend to hit your irons thin... Focus on your downswing hip turn. Try to turn your left hip along the left-hand side of the hoop (keep your left hip above your left foot). When your left hip slides outside the hoop, you'll tend to hit down on the top of the ball. If you do it correctly, you should feel your weight move only into the heel of your left foot.