How to Putt From a Top Tier

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How to Putt From a Top Tier It's only half a putt — the rest is gravity By Donald Crawley Top 100 Teachers This story is for you if... • You play a course with many multilevel greens. • When you putt downhill, the ball always races past the hole and out of your makeable range. The Situation Your approach shot carried too far and your ball is on the back tier of a green that slopes back to front. The Solution This is a bit more complicated than an ordinary downhill putt. If you don't get the ball to the precipice, the ball will stay on the tier you're standing on, so you can't hit it soft like you do on a straight downhiller. Your goal is to roll the ball at the speed that allows it to just reach the cusp of the tier. The rest is gravity.
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HOW TO PUTT TO A LOWER TIER STEP 1 Don't think of the hole as your target. Aim for a spot on the cusp of the tier you're standing on. Once you have it, commit to it. You want the ball to almost stop before it begins rolling down the hill.
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STEP 2 This is like any putt—same posture, same alignment, same everything. Don't slow down to hit it soft. Simply shorten your stroke (but make sure you keep it even on both sides of the ball).