How to Putt From the Fringe

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How to Putt From the Fringe Keep your back foot on the green to beat this tricky putt By Eden Foster Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You don't know how to adjust your stroke from this lie... • your blade catches the grass behind the ball. The Situation Your ball landed on the green, but the ball is so close to the fringe that your putter will catch the rough on your backstroke. The Solution To make this putt you need to replace your normal level putting stroke with a more up-and-down motion. When you set up, make sure your back foot is on the green or the fringe so that your putter is opposite your right foot or even behind it. Then lean a little more weight onto your left leg and press the shaft forward. These setup adjustments automatically create a more vertical or up-and-down putting stroke.
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When you start your stroke, try to feel the putter going up as you take it away and then hit the ball with almost no follow-through.
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The ball will pop up in the air with extreme topspin and then run toward the hole. The ball will come out hot, so plan for extra roll.