How to Pound One From A Downslope

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How to Pound One From A Downslope The 'down-and-through' move that makes this lie easy is good for your regular full swing, too By Donald Crawley Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • Most of the courses you play have hilly fairways. • You don't feel comfortable over uneven lies. The Situation Your lie in the fairway is tilted just enough toward the target to give you fits. You don't feel very confident when your left foot is lower than your right. The Solution If the slope you're on isn't too severe (let's say your left foot is only a few inches below your right), you only need to fine-tune your setup and swing. That being said, if you take these alterations casually you'll hit a low screamer that won't get to the green. Follow the instructions at right.
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HOW TO KNOCK IT ON FROM A DOWNSLOPE First, set your body, including your shoulders, parallel with the slope. Once you achieve that, do the same with your swing. Here's how: Step 1: Take your address with the ball positioned an inch forward of where you play it with the club in your hand. To know for certain that you nailed your posture, line up your club with the buttons on your shirt. If the shaft points at the ball (not in front of it), you're solid.
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Step 2: Take the club back along the slope. Since the ground behind the ball is higher than the ground in front of it, your backswing will be much steeper. Fight the urge to strand weight on your left foot.
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Step 3: Swing down the slope while turning your hips so that they're open to the target at impact. If you come down steep without pivoting your lower body, you'll jam the club into the ground.