How to Pitch From the Rough

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How to Pitch From the Rough You missed the green. Big deal! Here's how to make par anyway By Mike Adams Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You tend to miss a lot of greens. • You think all pitches are the same. The Situation Your approach shot missed the green by only a few yards and the ball is in the rough, but not too deep. However, you're not sure your regular pitching motion will create clean contact and allow you to leave the ball near the hole. The Solution Use your regular pitch swing, but make it steeper (to get the ball out) and vary your stance and grip (to move the ball the right distance). Here's how:
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HOW TO PITCH IT CLOSE FROM LONG GRASS STEP 1 Address the ball like normal and then stand back from it a little (feel like your hands are lower than usual and in a pre-cocked position). This adds bounce to the club (to help push it through the rough). FINE-TUNE YOUR SETUP TO LAND IT CLOSE The setup in Step 1 gives you the foundation to play multiple pitches. Add the tweaks below and you can get it close from anywhere. 1. To pitch it higher, play the ball between the center of your stance and your left foot. 2. To pitch it lower, play the ball between the center of your stance and your right foot. 3. To pitch it farther, widen your stance and stay square to the ball. 4. To pitch it shorter, choke down on the club and take an open, narrow stance.
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STEP 2 Make your regular pitch motion with about 75 percent force. Your low-hands position gives you the sharp downswing that gets the ball out of the rough. Feel like the club is slipping under the ball and popping it more up than forward.