How to Max Out Your Drives

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How to Max Out Your Drives By Mitchell Spearman, GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher September 2006 Add torque THE GOAL You need to create torque in your backswing to produce leverage and power in your downswing, and to create torque you need resistance. THE DRILL Place one end of a 5-foot bungee cord under your left foot at address. Take the other end of the cord in your left hand (make sure there's some slack in it) and swing your left arm up to the top. The tension you feel is the same feeling of resistance you should create when you swing.
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Create width THE GOAL A wide swing arc creates more power than a narrow one. Good players ensure a larger arc by maintaining their right-arm width — not by swinging with a stiff left arm. THE DRILL As you take the club back, open your right hand but maintain pressure on the grip with the bottom of your hand. This simple drill will give you the feeling of righthand pressure that will help provide the wide swing arc you're looking for.
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Attack on the proper angle THE GOAL For maximum distance, the driver must approach the ball on a shallow angle of attack that slightly ascends through impact. THE DRILL Stand at address with a ball in your right hand. Take that hand up to the top and then bring it down toward impact, but at the bottom of your swing release the ball underhanded toward the target to promote a shallower release.
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Control your clubface THE GOAL Even if you've gotten torque, width, and the angle of attack correct, if the clubface isn't square to the ball and low to the ground as it passes through impact, you won't be able to get the distance and accuracy that you're looking for. THE DRILL Place a chair outside each foot and swing your driver so that it goes no farther back or forward than the outside of either chair. This will teach you how to square the clubface and keep the clubhead on a low but slightly upward path into impact.