How to Make Your Best Swing Every Time

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How to Make Your Best Swing Every Time Keep it Short As the club in Retief's hands gets shorter, so does his backswing. But even with a club as long as a 5-iron, he'll only take the club back three-quarters of the way to the top. It's much more important to make a full turn in your backswing and then another in your throughswing than it is to take the club way back. You'll become incredibly accurate if you shorten your arm swing while increasing your turn.
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Bottom Out in Front of the Ball Like most golfers, Retief was obsessed with hitting down on the ball. This made his downswing too steep. We've worked hard on getting the bottom of his swing arc slightly forward of where the ball is in his stance. The way you can do this is by imagining your swing as a wheel with your chin as its hub, and move your chin slightly to the left on your downswing. This will help you get ball-then-turf contact.
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Stack at Impact Regardless of the type of shot that Retief's trying to hit, he always makes sure to keep the bulk of his torso and his weight directly above the strike zone at impact — he does not want to be leaning away from the target during his downswing. Notice how his hips are open but his shoulders are still parallel to the target line. This position keeps his clubface square for a longer period of time.