How to Make a Proper Pivot

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How to Make a Proper Pivot Turning back correctly makes the rest of your swing easy By Kip Puterbaugh Top 100 Teacher The Problem You follow slices with hooks, and mix in a steady collection of pushes and pulls. Why It's Happening An erratic shot pattern is typically the result of a bad turn through the ball. But before you begin tinkering with your downswing, check your move away from the ball. If you aren't pivoting correctly on your backswing, you're not giving yourself the chance to pivot correctly on your way back down. How To Check Your Pivot Hold your driver against your shoulder blades with your left hand on the grip and your right hand on the hosel. Get into your address position and make a mock backswing. Stop at the top and check the position of the shaft. IF THE SHAFT POINTS BEYOND THE BALL... Your turn is too flat. A flat shoulder turn moves your head too far to the right on the backswing, making it difficult to get all the way back to your left side at impact. This is the cause of your pushes and hooks.
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IF IT POINTS AT THE BALL... Your turn is too steep. A steep shoulder turn tends to move your head in front of the ball as you swing the club to the top. Your natural reaction is to move it back on your downswing in a reverse pivot. Hello, slice!
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IF IT POINTS JUST OUTSIDE THE BALL... You're solid. Notice how my back faces the target and my weight is over my right foot. Get to this position and you'll have an easier time transferring your weight on your downswing and turning powerfully through the ball.