How to Make Pitches Hop then Stop

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How to Make Pitches Hop then Stop This special swing slams on the brakes By Jim Murphy Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • Your pitch shots tend to run past the hole. • You don't get much spin with your wedges and short irons on full swings. • You try to pick the ball clean on short shots. The Situation You have a good lie in the fairway about 30 yards from the green. The pin is cut in the front — if you make your normal pitch the ball will hit the green and run past the hole. The Solution Hit the one-hop-and-stop pitch. It's a crisp short shot that hits the green, takes one hop forward and then bites. How to Slam On the Brakes Like most specialty shots, the secret's in the setup. Follow the steps below.
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HOW TO DO IT STEP 1 Grab your sand wedge and open the face a few degrees — you'll need the extra loft to control your carry distance with a fast swing.
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STEP 2 Play the ball off your left big toe and shift all of your weight forward. This makes it easier to hit down on the ball and trap it against the turf — the key to generating spin. To make sure your weight stays forward, pull your right foot back and roll your right ankle slightly to the left. Make an abbreviated backswing (hands to hip height).
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STEP 3 On your downswing, feel as though your whole left side is pulling the club down and into the back of the ball. Accelerate through the ball and dig up some turf. Since all you're trying to do is trap the ball, stop your finish when your hands reach about hip height.