How to Make More 10-Foot Putts

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How to Make More 10-Foot Putts Pick an exact intermediate target to stop missing left and right By Dr. David F. Wright Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You frequently burn the edge of the hole • You're not sure how to aim your putts • Your putting stroke feels good, so you can't understand why you miss The Problem Even if you're just slightly off with your aim at address, you won't be able to drain those 10-footers that often mean the difference between birdie and par, or between saving par and bogey. The Solution When you line up your putt, pick a precise intermediate target — a blade of grass, for example — and make sure you roll your ball directly over it. These photos show how you need perfect aim on a 10-foot putt; if you're off even half the diameter of the head of a tee, you'll miss the putt, even with a "perfect" stroke. Line up just a shade too far right and you'll miss this 10-foot putt right.
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Miss your intermediate target a little left and you'll miss this putt left.
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Roll the ball over your intermediate target and you'll roll it in into the hole.