How to Keep Your Balance From Awkward Lies

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How to Keep Your Balance From Awkward Lies Stabilize your lower body so you can worry about hitting the green (not falling down!) By Peter Krause Top 100 Teacher The Situation Your approach has landed in a spot you didn't think possible: Hanging above a bunker on a severe downslope. The Solution Take a more stable stance and swing with your hands and arms to make easy work of this seemingly difficult lie. Pretend you're riding a horse to add stability to your swing and to make sure you don't tumble into the bunker.
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How to Do It Widen your stance and flare both feet out about 45 degrees (point your knees outward too). It should feel like you're riding a horse. These adjustments will stabilize your lower body. Then squat your upper body down to the ball and make a swing using only your hands and arms. You'll want to aim right of the target because an armsy swing like this will close the clubface early and send the ball left. Widen your stance and make an armsy swing when the ball is below your feet.
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A narrow stance with this lie leads to a wobbly, off-balance swing.