How to Hit Your Irons on the Sweet Spot

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STEP 1 Obtain a three-foot-long two-by-four and some "Point 3" practice balls (, which allow you to do this drill in your backyard without breaking windows. (In fact, I don't recommend you initially try this drill with regular balls.) Aim the board at a target about 20 yards away. Place one Point 3 ball two inches inside the board and eight inches away from the target-side end of the board.
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STEP 2 Tee up a second ball about 31.2 inches from the first ball, closer to you.The clubhead on your pitching wedge should fit neatly between the board and the second ball. Set up to the ball closest to the board and practice hitting 20-yard pitch shots.Your goal is to catch the shot as cleanly as you can without hitting the board or the second ball. Sweep the ball off the grass without taking a divot. Make gentle, down-the- line motions until you become confident that you won't hit the board or the inside ball. Then, gradually make longer swings for longer wedge shots. Keep your swing smooth.this is about center contact, not power.
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STEP 3 Do the drill on the range with regulation balls. Start with your pitching wedge, then slowly move on to longer clubs. Instead of the sweeping motion used in Step Two, make your regular swing and try to take some divots. After every few shots, move the ball back along the board (and adjust your setup) so you can continue to hit each new shot from good grass. When you get to the middle of the board, find a new area on the range and start at eight inches from the edge of the board like before. Don't hit shots from along the back half of the board or you may slam the club into it.
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Check Your Results Once you've got the drill down pat, apply impact tape (available at any golf shop or at to your irons and make swings without the board.
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If you've practiced the drill correctly, you should find a consistent impact pattern centered on the sweet spot.This will give you the full distance potential of your club.