How to Hit Your Irons Long and Straight

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How to Hit Your Irons Long and Straight The trick? Stop swinging at the flag. By Jason Carbone Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You're not too inaccurate with your irons, but your ball typically starts left of the target then curves to the right. • Your pull-slice ball flight is causing you to lose distance. THE SITUATION You take one last look at your target before you start to swing and suddenly feel like you're aimed too far out to the right. Instead of trusting your initial line, you make an over-the-top swing to hit the ball toward your "new" target. This is why your ball pulls then fades and your divots point left. WHY YOUR TARGET 'MOVED' You were tricked by the change in perspective from when you chose your target from behind the ball and when you checked it again from beside the ball at address. HOW TO HIT THE BALL WHERE YOU WANT TO Find an empty spot on the range and place two shafts in the ground about eight feet in front of the ball. Set them four feet apart to create a "window" for the ball to go through. Then follow these steps. 1. Stand behind the ball and make sure your target line runs directly from the ball through the center of the window created by the shafts in the ground.
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2. Now set up to the ball and look at your target. Like you've experienced before, you'll feel that you have to swing left of where you're aimed to hit toward the flag.
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3. Ignore the trick your eyes are playing on you — your target hasn't moved, only your perspective of it. Trust your line and try to swing toward the window.
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4. It should feel like you're swinging 10 yards to the right of your target. Not only is this swing correct, it guarantees that you'll approach the ball on a power-rich inside path.