How to Hit On-Target Chips

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How to Hit On-Target Chips Tired of hitting them fat and thin? Use this easy technique. By Mike Perpich Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You're an inconsistent chipper. • You have trouble keeping your chips on target. The Problem You catch a lot of chips either heavy or thin, and even when you do catch them crisp, they stray off line. The Solution Chip shots are specialty shots, so you have to rearrange your address position using the steps shown at right. If you use your standard full-swing setup, you're making things hard on yourself. STEP 1 On the practice tee, sole your wedge on the ground. Grab your putter and do the same.
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STEP 2 Raise your wedge up on its toe until the shaft angle matches that of your putter.
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STEP 3 This removes the need to swing on an arc, minimizing the chance that you'll hit the ball off line.
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STEP 4 Drop your putter and stand close to the ball with your feet together and your weight left.
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STEP 5 Take the club back like you're putting (the reason why you made the shaft more vertical).
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STEP 6 Make a smooth forward stroke using the same length and pace as your backswing. Special Section: The Tune Up: • Special Section Home Page: The Tune Up • Anthony Kim: Hit straighter drives • Sergio Garcia: Make pure contact on irons • Adam Scott: Build your dream swing • Dr. Dick Coop: Out think opponents • Aaron Baddeley: An exercise that adds power off the tee