How to Hit a Reliable Draw

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How to Hit a Reliable Draw Follow these simple steps to get more roll and work the ball around corners By Jim Murphy Top 100 Teachers This story is for you if... • You never know where to hit your tee ball on a dogleg • You've always wanted to hit a consistent draw... • ...but you typically end up hitting a consistent slice The Situation You're on the tee of a par 4 that turns hard to the left. A straight drive will fly through the dogleg and into trouble, but clubbing down to a hybrid or a long-iron won't give you the distance to comfortably reach the green in two. The Play A POWER DRAW. Hitting one is a straightforward three-step procedure...
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Step 1 Stand on the far left side of the teeing area, look down the fairway and pick a target between the center of the fairway and the right rough. Tee your ball, take your stance and take one final look at your target. It should feel like you have to swing way out to the right to get the ball started on your line. That's the feeling you want for an "in-to-out swing."
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Step 2 Take the clubhead back low to the ground and slightly inside your target line. Fight the urge to lift your arms and hands. You should feel like you're swinging the clubhead around your body, with your hands staying even with or just below your right shoulder.
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Step 3 From the top, remember where your target is — to the right — and swing under and out toward it. This will keep you from swinging over the top and put you on the inside-out track you need to create right-to-left spin on the ball. The big mistake here is stopping your turn and blocking the shot out to the right. Try to point your right shoulder at the target in your finish. If you end your swing like this, you'll fight off any chance of a block and the ball will curve powerfully, just as you envisioned it.