How to Hit a Lefty Punch

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How to Hit a Lefty Punch Can't take your stance? Take a swing from the other side. By Steve Bosdosh Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You're right-handed and are stumped whenever you're prevented from taking your normal stance. The Situation Your ball is against the base of a tree and you can't stand to the left of the ball. The Solution With the club turned upside-down, make a little punch swing from a left-handed stance using a left-handed grip.
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HOW TO MAKE A LEFT-HANDED SAVE STEP 1 Stand to the ball in a lefty address position. Rotate your sand wedge so that it points at your target with the toe section hanging down. Set the toe (the fattest portion of the clubhead) directly behind the ball — that's your strike area. Then grip the club left-hand-low, with your right hand at the top of the handle, and position the ball off your left foot.
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STEP 2 Since bad things happen when you try to hit this shot too hard, swing the club like it's your putter. Before you hit this shot, make a few practice swings from a similar lie nearby. Find a leaf and try to catch it on the fat part of the toe section.
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NOTE The last thing you want to do with this shot is use a lot of wrist action. That increases your chances of bottoming out too early or too late. Lock your wrists and make a smooth, left-handed putting stroke.