How to Hit All-Feel, No-Think Shots with Stewart Cink: From the Sand

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Stewart Cink: How to Hit All-Feel, No-Think Shots 4. FROM THE SAND The best strategy for playing bunker shots is to develop good technique and then choose different clubs for specific situations. For example, I'll use my 60-degree wedge for a high, short shot, but for a lower shot where I need the ball to roll across the green, I might use a 9-iron. It just makes bunker play simple when you hit the same shot every time, which is why I recommend changing your club for the situation, not your swing.
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DRILL: HIT THE SAND Place a ball in the sand and then draw a line 4 inches behind it. Now make your bunker swing and enter the sand where the line is. The ball should pop out on to the green. I still use this drill because it's very effective way to ingrain the concept of the bunker swing: you hit the sand, not the ball. So get your mind off the ball and focus on hitting that line in the sand. When you get more advanced, do this drill with a 9-iron or 8-iron. Using a less lofted club will teach you the swing you need to escape the sand and put it close almost every time.