How to Hit All-Feel, No-Think Shots with Stewart Cink: Iron Shots

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Stewart Cink: How to Hit All-Feel, No-Think Shots 2. IRON SHOTS Iron shots are all about predictability and distance control. And the only way you can hit predictable shots is to make solid contact. These three iron keys will help you make solid contact, so all you need to do is pick the right club to start making more birdies. MY KEYS TO APPROACH SHOTS 1. Ball back in stance At address, keep the ball slightly back in your stance to encourage a downward strike at the ball. 2. Patient at the top You need patience to make a smooth transition from your backswing to your downswing. If your transition at the top is too fast, you'll lurch at the ball from your shoulders, causing all sorts of misfires. Instead, be patient at the top and trust gravity to bring the club back to the ball and keep your swing on plane. "Big" and "slow" are the key words to associate with all your swings. 3. Know your distances If you can keep your swing big and wide, and make a smooth transition, you'll start making consistent contact. So learn your exact iron yardages so you'll know precisely where all your shots are going.
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DRILL: HOW TO PAUSE AT THE TOP The biggest problem that most players have with iron shots is rushing the transition. So when you practice your iron shots, exaggerate your pause at the top. Instead of a 1-2-3 count (1=takeaway, 2=at the top, 3=downswing), try a 1-2-2-3 count (1=takeaway, 2=at the top, 2=still at the top, 3=downswing). The pause will make it impossible to rush your downsing and help you ingrain a smoother transition. Address is beat No. 1.
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Arriving at the top is beat No. 2.
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Hold an extra No. 2 beat.
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No. 3 is impact. Easy as 1-2-2-3.