How to Hit All-Feel, No-Think Shots With Stewart Cink: Driving Keys

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Stewart Cink: How to Hit All-Feel, No-Think Shots 1. DRIVING KEYS You don't have to be 6' 4" like me to benefit from width in your swing. Regardless of your size, if you can maximize your width you'll create the most efficient swing possible. Here are my three keys for hitting it long and straight: 1. Create as much freedom as possible between your grip and your waist at address. If you create width like this at address, you can maintain it in your downswing. 2. Start your backswing with the clubhead moving first and let your arms and hands push back, away from the target. The important thing is that your swing feels big and slow. 3. At the top, your shoulders and trunk should feel fully turned, as if they can't go any farther. If you make a lazy shoulder turn, you'll lose the width you created at address.
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Before I start my backswing, I like to pick a gallery member behind me and imagine I'm actually trying to knock his cap off with my clubhead in my backswing. This really helps me push my hands and arms back away from the target.
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DRILL: HOW TO MAKE A FULL SHOULDER TURN Before I hit a shot, I take the club in my hand and turn against it like a post, tryng to make the biggest shoulder turn I can.
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This helps me get in sync, which means I am longer and straighter. People see me doing this and say, "Cink must have a sore back." Nope.