How to Get Max Distance With Your 3-Wood

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How to Get Max Distance With Your 3-Wood You can reach more par-5s in two By Donald Crawley Top 100 Teacher THE SITUATION You have 230 yards to the flag and a level fairway lie. THE PLAY When the front of the green is open like it is here, bomb your 3-wood. (If there's a hazard directly in front of the green, consider laying up.)
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STEP 1 LINE UP STRAIGHT After selecting your target and taking your address, lay your 3-wood across your chest as shown [left] and make sure that the clubhead is pointed at your target. When your shoulders are parallel to the target line you have the best chance of keeping your swing path online. If you need to give your target one last look before starting your swing, do it by cocking your head to the right and tracing the line with your eyes, making sure to keep your left shoulder in view the whole time. Don't lift up to check your target — that will simply pull you out of your stance and aim your left shoulder left of the target.
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STEP 2 KEEP YOUR CHIN UP Just before you start your swing, raise your chin a few inches. Point just your eyes down — not your entire head — to see the ball in your stance. This simple move creates extra room so that you can extend your arms fully at impact.
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STEP 3 USE POSTURE TO KEEP YOUR SWING ON PLANE This is true not only for your 3-wood, but for every club in your bag. Setting up to the ball correctly [left] gives you the best chance of keeping your club on plane. Think "smooth" and concentrate on the bottom half of the ball — that's where you want to make contact. As you swing through impact, imagine your arms are like wet noodles, especially your left one. This will help you extend your arms fully and hit the ball solid. The last thing you want is a bent left elbow. If it isn't straight, you'll catch it thin.
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