How to Get Every Bunker Shot Close

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How to Get Every Bunker Shot Close The secret for longer and shorter shots is in your release By Eden Foster Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You're happy with just getting out of bunkers... • ...and don't even think about leaving the ball close to the hole. The Problem You're not a very strong bunker player, and when you do get out of the sand on your first swing, the ball never lands close to the hole, making it difficult to save par. The Solution The trick is to match how you release the club to the distance you're facing — everything else in your bunker swing should stay the same. For bunker shots of less than 10 yards... Make an abbreviated finish with your hands stopping below waist height. As you do this, keep your right arm from turning over your left so you don't release the club like you do on your regular full swing. Notice how this non-release keeps the clubface open and creates a softer ball flight. The softer the shot, the shorter the distance it will carry.
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For bunker shots longer than 10 yards... Release the club like you do when you're hitting approach shots from the fairway. You don't need a full finish. What's important is that you release the clubhead so that your left palm faces the sky. You know you're doing it right when the clubhead finishes high above your hands. This type of release adds extra oomph to your sand swing, helping you to fly the ball all the way to the hole.