How to Gain Clubhead Speed

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How to Gain Clubhead Speed Three easy moves that will give your drives more oomph By Roger Gunn Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You consistently hit the fairway, but your accuracy comes with a loss of distance. • You'd give anything to drive the ball 10 to 15 yards farther. The Situation You're on the tee of a very long hole, but so far this round your driver swing hasn't had much pop. The Solution Focus on the three areas at right to gas up your swing to get more yards off the tee. HOW TO DO IT SPEED FACTOR 1: TURN YOUR BACK TO THE TARGET Make a complete shoulder turn during your backswing. You'll know your shoulder turn is full when you feel your left shoulder turn underneath your chin and your back is pointing directly at the target.
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SPEED FACTOR 2: SOFTEN YOUR WRISTS Don't let your wrists get stiff during your downswing. This allows the clubhead to lag behind your hands, and the longer that lag lasts the more speed you'll have at the bottom of your swing when you release the club.
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SPEED FACTOR 3: TURN YOUR HIPS — FAST! As you approach impact, make sure you're turning your hips strongly to the left. This, along with your soft wrists, allows your left arm to lead the clubhead into the ball. This is a key power move — do it correctly and the club will whip through the ball at max speed.