How to Escape the Worst Rough Lie

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How to Escape the Worst Rough Lie When the tall grass is leaning against your ball, here's what to do By Jason Carbone Top 100 Teachers This story is for you if... • You struggle with shots from the rough... • ...and you really, really struggle when the grass is leaning away from the target and against your ball.
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Check This! When the deep grass is growing opposite the direction of your target, it's going to slow down the clubhead, grab the hosel and shut the clubface. Sounds tricky, but executing this shot and getting the ball on the green is 90 percent setup.
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HOW TO REACH THE GREEN FROM DEEP ROUGH STEP 1 Take an extra club (you'd take less club if the grass was growing toward the target), stand a little closer to the ball and play it slightly back of its normal position. Standing closer will help you swing the club more up-and-down and reduce the time it spends in contact with the grass. Open the clubface a few degrees to offset the shutdown effect of the grass and grip the club tighter. If your normal grip pressure is a 4 on a 1-to-10 scale, make this one a 6.5.
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STEP 2 Don't lift your arms in an attempt to swing steeper. Just make your regular motion but with an early wrist hinge. Try to point your thumbs at the sky as your hands reach hip height. That will create the angle you need to come down sharply on the ball and keep the grass from slowing your club and closing the face.