How to Escape the Junk

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How to Escape the Junk You missed the fairway. Big deal. This power play gets you back in the hole By Steve Bosdosh Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You miss a lot of fairways. • You don't have a go-to swing to get you back into play. The Situation Your lie in the rough is thick, covering the ball on all sides. The Solution Accept that you're not going to hit the green. This is gouge time — a 9-iron at best. You're going to use a lot of the elements from your bunker swing, but instead of sliding your club through sand, you'll slam it steeply into the back of the ball.
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HOW TO GOUGE IT FROM THE JUNK STEP 1 Stand closer to the ball and choke up a few inches so the shaft is more upright than usual for the club you've chosen. Aim slightly right of your landing area and play the ball back of center. Also, increase your grip pressure — otherwise, the grass will turn the clubface over and the ball will go left. Forward-press your hands so the shaft leans toward the target. CHECK! If you can see the top half of your ball, use your 9-iron (stronger players can use an 8-iron). If only a small circle on the top of the ball is visible, opt for your sand wedge.
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STEP 2 On your backswing, hinge the club back quickly so that your wrists are fully-cocked by the time your hands reach your thighs.
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STEP 3 From the top, swing down sharply with extra force. Feel like you're pulling the handle of the club down into the ball. Keep your legs quiet (notice how little they move between Steps 2 and 3).