How to Chip From a Trap

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How to Chip From a Trap If long bunker shots give you trouble, hit a chip By Shaun Humphries Top 100 Teachers This story is for you if... • You struggle with long bunker shots. • You'd like a go-to shot from the sand. • You sometimes skull the ball out of the bunker. The Situation You're stuck in a bunker, about 50 feet from the hole. This is a tough shot even for Tour players. The Solution Instead of hitting a long bunker blast (one of the toughest shots you can try), chip the ball out of the bunker. A chip is easier to hit and easier to control once it hits the green, and you don't have to worry about making a big swing and taking the right amount of sand.
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HOW TO DO IT The secret's in the setup. Copy the positions at left. 1. Take a short iron (7-, 8- or 9-iron, depending on the distance) and choke down midway on the grip. 2. Set up with your feet close together and your body leaning forward. Keep everything square to your intended line. 3. Check that your sternum is in front of the ball. Press your hands forward, making a triangle with your forearms. Use your regular chipping technique and make a crisp pop on the ball. Try to catch the ball before the sand. You'll need more swing speed than for a normal chip, because the sand will slow the club down and you need to roll it 40-50 feet.
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How to Practice It Draw a line in the sand and chip balls off it. Your divot should show the club entering the sand at the back of the line and taking a divot in front of the line. This is not an explosion shot, but you should comb the sand just enough to take a bit of it out of the bunker.