How to Check for a Perfect Grip

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How to Check for a Perfect Grip Use these three keys to secure the most solid fundamental of all This story is for you if... • You're an inconsistent player but never think about your grip • Your approach shots often miss short and right • You lack any real power The problem You feel like you're never in control of the clubhead. Why it's happening You're not gripping the club correctly. How to fix it There's more to taking your grip than pointing the Vs formed by your thumbs toward your shoulders. You must establish consistent pressure in the right spots to properly set the club and control it from start to finish. Take your grip and make the following three pressure checks. Get them right and you'll hit shots with maximum control and power. Grip check #1 Look at the top of your grip. You shouldn't see any voids between the thumb and forefinger on each hand. If you do, pinch those digits together. Pressure there ensures a more connected grip and greater control of the clubface.
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Grip check #2 Turn your hands to the right and check the underside of your grip. The lifeline on your right palm should fit snugly over your left thumb, again with downward pressure. If there's space between them, your swing will suffer.
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Grip check #3 Hinge your club over your right shoulder and check your right-hand pinkie finger. Whether you use an overlapping or interlocking grip, make sure your right pinkie is applying downward pressure on your left hand rather than simply resting on top of it. Just that little bit of pressure unifies your hands.