How to Blast One From Below Your Feet

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How to Blast One From Below Your Feet Your knees are the key to digging the ball out By Steve Bosdosh Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You have trouble with normal lies in a bunker and... • feel as if you have no chance when the ball is below your feet. The Situation With your ball in the sand, you're forced to stand outside the bunker to take your stance, and the ball is well below your feet. The Solution You'll need extra bend in your knees at address in order to get your club down to the ball. More important, they'll have to remain bent during your swing or you'll catch the top half of the ball. Control your knees and this becomes a relatively simple bunker shot.
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BALL BELOW YOUR FEET IN THE SAND Step 1: Pick a spot Carefully select your landing area. The ball is going to spin to the right from this lie, so allow for that when picking your landing spot. Step 2: Hunker down It's going to take some effort to get all the way down to the ball. So set the ball off the logo of your shirt and... 1. Take a wider stance. 2. Bend from your hips.
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Step 3: Swing steeply Keep your spine flat — this automatically creates a steep swing — and take the club back and through normally, remembering to keep your knees flexed.