How to Birdie Short Par 4s

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How to Birdie Short Par 4s A smart tee shot gives you a chance to make 3 By Brady Riggs The Situation A short par 4 provides you with an opportunity for birdie — if you can hit the fairway. The impulse "If I crush my driver, I can get really close to the green and make 3." The Reality If you miss the fairway, your 3 could become a 5 — or worse. What You Should Do Play the percentages. Even if you hit a perfect drive, you'll still have a wedge shot to the flag from an awkward distance. Instead, play a long iron or hybrid away from the trouble and leave a full shot to the green that's easier to control and get close to the hole. ELIMINATE TENSION Flex your knees and keep them flexed — tight legs lead to a tight swing. You should feel your weight over the balls of your feet. DRAW A LINE Take time to aim correctly. Don't get carried away with avoiding the trouble — exaggerations at address usually create other swing flaws.
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TURN TOWARD THE TARGET Compare impact to setup — you can see more of the left leg and upper back. Rotating on your downswing like this gives you extra control. It also makes your hands passive so you can't hook it.
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TRUST IT You've chosen the smart play. Now make a confident swing that accelerates to the finish.
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DON'T STAY DOWN Fixating excessively on the ball can cause you to stop your swing too early. Instead, let your eyes "chase" the ball out toward the target. This frees up your body and helps you finish your swing.