Custom fitting options, brand by brand

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Adams, • New for 2011 A Distance Fitting System (DFS) version of the Speedline 9064LS driver allows customers to be fit for shaft length (45-, 45.5- or 46-inches), loft and lie. • 2,000 green-grass locations nationwide give consumers the opportunity to demo Adams hybrids. Expanded fitting options with "Hybrid Fitting Carts" are available at 500 select locations. Each cart includes 16 hybrids with numerous models, flex and loft options. • 500 "Distance Fitting Systems"(DFS) provide you with multiple driver head and shaft options. A wrench kit allows customers to be fit for loft, lie and shaft length. • One Tech van travels throughout Florida nearly year-round. Two additional tech vans servicing the PGA Tour and Champions Tour are available nationwide on a part-time basis. • The official Adams Golf Fitting Center, located at The Practice Tee in Richardson, Tex., has custom-fitting options available (by appointment) for Adams' entire product lineup.
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Cleveland, • New for 2011 SCUBA (Self- Contained Universal Bending Apparatus) allows fitters to bend iron/wedge loft and lie on the range. The GAP (Gauge Adjust Perform) process creates equal distance gaps on full iron and wedge shots. • 1,000 fitting carts in the U.S. carry 14 fitting clubs (all irons) in various lengths, lie angles, and shafts. The fitting matrix fits 98 percent of players. • Four tech vans travel the U.S. year-round, spending winters in Florida and the Southwest. Each van is staffed with two full-time fitters and club makers, who build to order on the spot after you've been fit. • Cleveland Golf Srixon Fitting Center in Santa Ana, Calif., offers Tour-quality fitting services (by appointment) through its fitting staff. There's also a fitting studio at its Huntington Beach, Calif., headquarters. Both locations utilize the "SCUBA" mechanical bending machine (see "New for 2011") for lie/ loft modifications. • The online wedge fitting system at factors in set makeup, gap spacing, ability, course conditions and preferences to recommend your best set of wedges.
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Cobra, • New for 2011 Cobra's Tech van is scheduled to make appearances at several major demo days throughout the U.S. • 1,310 fitting systems in the U.S. The "Advanced Fitting System" features 93 driver and 214 iron combinations, as well as seven fairway wood and six hybrid options. All contents fit within a single Staff bag. The patented iron hosel sleeve, which is part of each fitting system, allows your fitter to adjust lie angle simply by rotating the sleeve. • Adjustable Flight Technology (AFT)— available in S3 and ZL drivers—lets you customize ball flight using one of three settings (O for Open, N for Neutral, C for Closed). • features a Demo Day locator plus a dealer locator to help you find a Cobra retailer and clubfitter near you. The online "Club Selector Guide" is a useful starting point to find the Cobra clubs that are best suited for your game. Of course, it's not meant to replace the actual fitting process with a qualified fitter.
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Mizuno, • New for 2011 "Shaft Optimizer" software (see below) is updated to reflect changes in offered shafts. The Project X graphite shaft will be added to custom-fitting carts. • 1,300 "Performance Fitting System" carts carry 23 interchangeable heads and 47 interchangeable shafts, for 873 possible shaft/head combos. Cart contains each Mizuno iron model in multiple head weights to fit you for swing weight, regardless of shaft length or weight. • A patented "Shaft Optimizer" tool records several critical data points during your swing, including clubhead speed, swing tempo and kick angle, then recommends a shaft that best matches your "Swing DNA." An exclusive "Shaft Optimizer" software program contains bend profiles for all 47 shafts offered through its custom fitting department, to be sure you're getting the right head/shaft combo. • "Fitting days" give you the opportunity to test the company's latest offerings and be custom fit on the spot. See for fitting days or demo days.
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Nike, • New for 2011 "Tour Authentic Stamping" for those who want forged irons and wedges personally hand stamped. Options include up to three alphanumeric characters and multiple paint infill. • The "360° Fitting System" offers a full-bag approach to club fitting to ensure consistent performance from driver to lob wedge. The goal is to match each golfer's equipment to his or her unique swing. Tier 1 fitting systems come equipped with an extensive selection of heads and shafts in all product categories, and a Nike Golf Launch Monitor to evaluate spin rates and distance gaps throughout the entire set. Tier 2 fitting systems carry an extensive selection of heads and shafts for Nike drivers and irons, while Tier 3 systems feature a more basic selection of heads and shafts. • Nike sales reps carry an extensive selection of clubheads and shafts in all product categories and provide custom-fitting services at consumer demo days across the U.S. To demo Nike clubs or locate a dealer near you, go to
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PING, • New for 2011 AFS (Advanced Fitting System) Iron Bag offers 116 iron combinations while the AFS Iron Cart has 300, including 24 shaft/grip combinations. Both were rolled out in Fall 2010. • The 2,000-plus authorized fitting centers throughout the U.S., many of them exclusive Ping facilities. These are equipped with launch monitors, Ping's proprietary "nFlight Fitting" software, and Advanced Fitting System (AFS) interchangeable clubs. The nFlight system has a "gapping analysis" feature that collects data points and recommends a set to cover every distance gap in your bag. • Five mobile fitting vans travel the U.S. 10 months a year, each manned by two product specialists. The vans have two launch monitors, nFlight software, interchangeable irons and drivers, and a complete selection of fairway woods, hybrids, wedges and putters. • An online fitting program, Web-Fit, provides a static fitting to give you an idea of your specifications.
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TaylorMade, • New for 2011 The SelectFit iron cart is a smaller iron and Rescue fitting cart. It holds 20 iron clubheads, six Rescue heads, and 32 shafts. The "Performance Van" program includes three vehicles traveling the U.S. • The 5,000 demo events staffed by its certified demo technicians, who use the FlightScope 3D Doppler radar launch monitor. • 1,300 SelectFit locations have a "SelectFit" cart with thousands of options (17 driver heads and 14 shafts, five fairway-wood heads and shafts, three Rescue heads and shafts, 21 iron heads with lie angles 4° flat to 4° up, and 17 shafts). • 30 Performance Labs offer a two-hour fitting experience using 3D motion analysis. • The Kingdom, a state-of- the-art fitting facility for Tour staff pros in Carlsbad, Calif., is open to a limited number of amateurs. It features one-on-one fittings with certified technicians and a personal 3D MAT-T system report. • The Kingdom at Reynolds Plantation, in Reynolds, Ga., is home to the firm's former PGA Tour trailer and has a Tour-certified club builder onsite.
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Titleist, • New for 2011 910 drivers and fairway woods allow for independent adjustment of loft and lie angle to give fitters (and users) the ability to optimize ball flight and trajectory in metal woods. • The 3,000 "fitting days"(by appointment only) give you access to Titleist certified fitting reps. Fitters are equipped with the "SureFit" system of interchangeable heads and shafts. • 70 "Advanced FittingWorks Centers" boast top fitters in their respective markets to give you a Tour-level fit. Titleist has more than 1,800 certified fitters. • "Fitting Works" Tour Van technicians build clubs on-site and have you playing with them the next day. Vans travel the West Coast and Midwest, and will debut on the East Coast in March 2011. • Five regional fitting centers (Ga., Mich., Tex., N.Y. and Ill.) fit for all club categories via an extensive selection of fitting options and clubs. • Two national fitting centers, in Oceanside, Calif., and Acushnet, Mass., offer comprehensive threehour fittings.
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Tour Edge, • New for 2011 Exotics XCG-4 metal woods and irons will be added to the fitting cart, as will the Bazooka HT Max driver, fairway wood and irons, which will appear by May. • The 300 "VariableFit System" fitting carts feature interchangeable shafts and clubheads. The system fits several models for loft, lie, shaft flex, shaft length and grip size. It contains nine driver heads, three fairway wood heads (15° loft), and nine iron heads. The driver/fairway wood matrix includes the following models: Exotics XCG-4, Exotics CB-3 and Bazooka HT Max. The iron matrix consists of Exotics XCG-4, Exotics XCG-3 and Bazooka HT Max. Iron options are standard lie angle, 2° upright, or 2° flat. • Local reps will host 3,000 Tour Edge/Exotics Demo Days around the country, which will give you the opportunity to test drive Tour Edge's product line. The Tour Edge demo day locator is available at