New Fairway Woods for April 2007

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Hot New Fairway Woods for Spring April 2007 Adams Insight BUL You've heard all about high MOI (moment of inertia) drivers and how they are more stable and forgiving on mis-hits. Adams says its Insight is a high-MOI fairway wood (for mid- and high-handicappers) that combines a lightweight titanium face and crown with a heavier stainless-steel body. The center of gravity is lowered by positioning more weight to the sole and back. This, in turn, raises the MOI—and that means longer and straighter shots when you miss the sweet spot. We suggest low-handicappers take a serious look at the more compact Insight BTY. $249 (graphite);
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Callaway Big Bertha "Big Bertha" is synonymous with forgiving and easy-to-hit clubs. This latest incarnation is an oversize stainless-steel head with a more shallow face, a low leading edge and flatter crown that reposition weight lower and to the perimeter. That adds up to easy liftoff and mucho forgiveness. $225 (steel), $250 (graphite);
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Nickent 3DX Pro This stylish steel club targets skilled marksmen who swing 105 mph or faster. The reallocation of 24 grams from face to crown raises the center of gravity. The result is a low-launch, low-spin wood with a hot face. Cool Tour-like qualities abound: Loft and lie can be bent up to 4 degrees and back weights can be configured during a fitting in 2-gram increments to hone your desired flight. $249 (graphite);
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Titleist PT 906F2 Scores of Tour pros have these pear-shaped performers in play. Two big attractions are its square face profile and penetrating ball flight. Titleist achieves this trajectory by positioning the center of gravity toward the face. PT 906F2 is crafted to let you shape shots with ease. The steel face—an alloy called Carpenter 275—delivers added pop. $200 (steel); $250 (graphite);
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Sonartec GS Tour Sonartec built its reputation with better players, but GS Tour expands its reach all the way up to 20-handicappers. The firm's highest-launch, lowest-spin wood yet features internal head weighting that shifts the center of gravity rearward and lines it up with the sweet spot to increase power. These compact heads attach to the Red Ice shaft by Graphite Design, which has a firm tip (stable on mis-hits) and softer midsection (easier to get shots airborne). $219 (graphite);
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TaylorMade Burner Steel If you want to blast away without tinkering with moveable weights and the like, these oversize steel woods are the sticks for you. The light ultra-thin walls enable designers to move weight lower and rearward. The result, according to TaylorMade, is the highest fairway wood MOI (moment of intertia) on the market. A shallower face and a lower and deeper center of gravity produce high, low-spin shots. $210 (steel), $235 (graphite);