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Cleveland CG Red Good players want responsive feel and handling from their irons. If this sounds like you, then you want to know when you mis-hit a shot, why you did, and by how much. The CG Red incorporates a lightweight viscoelastic dampener directly behind the sweet spot (in red). But this one is slightly firmer than the "gelback" used in CG Gold irons. So it eliminates some unpleasantness but doesn't totally stamp out feedback. $699, steel; clevelandgolf.com
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Mizuno MP-57 Until now, the MP line was crafted solely for single-digit players. The MP-57, however, is the first full cavity-back MP iron — but don't be fooled. It's the most forgiving, least workable and highest-flying MP, but it's still intended for the scratch to 12-handicapper crowd. By comparison, the MP-57 has a 7 percent larger sweet spot than the MP-60, along with a hair more offset in the mid- and long irons. The smooth, responsive feel of the club — made from soft 1025E mild carbon steel — lets you know it's still in the MP family. $849 to $899, steel; mizunousa.com
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Ping i10 The new i10 has a shorter blade length, less offset and is more versatile than the club it replaces, the i5. Weight is pulled from the face of i10 and repositioned low in the toe to create a more stable head (higher moment of inertia or MOI) through impact. This design element is found in Rapture and G10 irons, too. The center of gravity for i10 is closer to the face than in G10, to produce a lower flight. $699, steel; $899, graphite; pinggolf.com
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Wilson Pi7 This cavity-back blade is a solid option for guys who recognize the need for help when their "A" game isn't quite there. Pi7 speaks to the "player" in all of us, given its compact head, thin topline, minimal offset and Dynamic Gold steel shafts. But this is balanced by a bona-fide cavity, with enough perimeter weighting to answer your slight misses. $599, steel; wilsonstaff.com
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Srixon I-701 Tour This attractive, forged cavity-back has a marginally higher center of gravity than its sister iron, the I-701, for a more penetrating flight. A narrow sole makes this one nimble in all playing conditions. The soft carbon-steel head accentuates feel while milled U-grooves should heighten spin control. $799, steel; srixon.com