2009 holiday gift guide for golfers, golf themed gifts

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offer any man a creative, fun way to show that he knows his way around the course. There are several different golf-themed ties for $75 each. This one, a staff favorite, features hooks and slices. More information at vineyardvines.com
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from Polo Ralph Lauren can be made in one of 15 colors, with different monograms, logo placements and shirt styles available for $85. More information at poloralphlauren.com
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($24.95) is another wonderful book by James Dodson, the author of Ben Hogan: An American Life, the Dewsweepers and Final Rounds. Set in Pinehurst, N.C., the subject this time is the author's desire to pass along his love of golf to his teenage son. A Son of the Game looks at not only the game, but also the colorful friends the author has met because it. More information at amazon.com
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usually depict stars and celebrities, but you can create a personalized bobblehead of anyone you like by picking skin tones, hair color, eye color, a pose and then sending a few photos to Headbobble's Web site. There are several golf-themed models to choose from for $89.99. More information at headbobble.com
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lets you create your own energy bar, select all the organic ingredients, and then personalize the label. To help golfers looking to keep their new year's resolution, even on the course, nutritional information about your bar is provided as you blend it. $37.57-$41.47 per dozen. More information at youbars.com.
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is made by Bill Amberg, a distinguished British men's luxury accessories designer. With sturdy metal zippers and a comfy carrying strap, bringing your shoes from the car into the club has never been more tasteful. It also carries a 750 mL bottle of whiskey nicely too. Available for $100 at select spirit shops nationwide. More information at johnniewalker.com
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($85) will help to ensure that you are never late to a tee time again. For more information, amazon.com
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is well-known in the U.K. for its luxurious sweets, but you don't need to book a room to enjoy them. The Chocolate Dipping Adventure ($65) comes with melting pots of white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and caramel, as well as marshmallows, breadsticks, crackers, fudge and gianduja cubes. More information at hotelchocolat.com
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make pegging it up in the trees pleasurable for the first time. A package of 25 is $9.95. More information at foretheloveofgolf.com.
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($29.99) stands as a glorious celebration of a sport that has inspired soaring triumphs and nail-biting misses, as well as its own lexicon. Divided by eras and featuring more than 300 black-and-white and full-color photographs, including spectacular double-spreads, it showcases the game's greatest players, performances, and vistas. Readers will find all of the legends — Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Arnold Palmer, Nancy Lopez, Byron Nelson, Sam Snead, Tiger Woods, and more — captured in singular moments and on the world's most beautiful greens. Buy it here.